I know this much is true…

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for me (okay, with three boys under the age of 9 this is always the case). But a serious tornado of activity and learning. Yup, this may just be one of those serious “blue moon” kind of posts for me. To be fair, I am serious in my day job (though I have been known to create an internal campaign or two that made our CEO into a bobble head-like character).

In all seriousness though, this is what activities and events of the past few weeks have taught me:

  1. Hug your near and dear. Yes, they can sometimes be annoying (who isn’t), or demanding, or stupid, but truthfully in the blink of an eye this can all be gone. Many people in Toronto were talking about the horrific drunk driving crash that killed a grandfather and three young children two weeks back. Strange, but my first instinct was to say to myself,”I hope I don’t know anyone in that crash” when I heard it on the news. Sadly, I did. It was a heart-breaking event on its own, but when I heard that my colleague had 4 members of her family wiped out in a single fateful moment, I wept. Part empathy and in some selfish way, part relief I guess because my boys are all still here to make me laugh, make me proud and of course make me crazy.
  2. A perfect life is never so. Taking a 2-year hiatus from my blog meant I had some catching up to do with some of the blogs I follow. One is another mommy blog by a woman I kind of envied from afar. She was younger, prettier, more in the “honeymoon” stage of motherhood and clearly very much connected to her young, partner. I should also add, I’m most envious because I think she’s an absolutely brilliant writer. But it’s funny how our personas online can be so different from the drudgery of our day-to-day existence. Social media is even better for this. It’s like a social version of prozac in a way for many people where you’re always putting on your best “happy.” So I was floored to revisit her blog only to discover: a) she’s getting a divorce b) she’s battling depression and c) she’s still a brilliant writer (of which I am still jealous). She’s got my respect though for putting it out there so poetically and, in so doing, helping other mothers dealing with the same lunch bag of despair.
  3. It’s never too late (cliche anyone?). I met T. when I was living in rural Japan. From the moment I met him, I loved Boy snowboardinghim! I also immediately thought, “he’s gay.” That was 1997. We became travel buddies (which his girlfriend at the time was oblivious to). I moved back to Canada, he to the States and we very loosely stayed in touch, mostly through his annual letter he sent out (which, btw, never mentioned any love interest of any kind). Finally in 2012 he included a picture of his partner, which I guess was his not so subtle way of coming out to the entire world. He was well into his 40s. The guys came to down for a whirlwind visit last week and it and they were great! Comfortable, happy and completely delightful with the kiddies who are now dying to visit them stateside to go snowboarding. As you might have guessed, I’m not very much of a “rainbows and lolipops” kind of girl, but seeing these two lovely guys in such an easy, natural relationship seems so very right for T and I’m so glad he finally got there!

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