Jesus Wouldn’t Approve

I admit it. I’m a political junkie. Which is probably why I’m obsessed with the Syrian refugee crisis.

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

Maybe it’s because I’m a bleeding heart, maybe it’s because my parents were practically refugees who came to Canada after a brutal civil war in Greece (a war, I might add, where my grandfather was accused of being a “communist” and shot into a ditch with half his village. My mom was 7 at the time, the same age as my middle son). Okay, so kind of heavy for a “deadbeat mom” I know, but the load of crap I’ve seen on Facebook since the Paris bombings has made my blood boil.

A few months back EVERYONE (maybe even Donald Trump–k maybe not) were ready to welcome Syrian refugees into their countries after this picture (don’t look at it if you’re hormonal or a new mom) of a Syrian boy lying face down dead on the beach. Nations, including my native land of Canada, were demanding we speed up the immigration process for refugees. But then the Paris bombing happened and POOF! Goodwill gone in an instant, only to be replaced by suspicion, hostility and mosque burning. And Trump and his GOP counterparts? Well they’re ready to use the same tactics of Nazi Germany with special ID cards.

Has political correctness ventured over into crazy? At times, even a “lefty” like me (and I’m so centre of left these days it’s silly) thinks so.

But if the alternative is WWII German-style tactics designed to make us wary of a 80-year-old woman wearing a Chanel scarf to protect her hair after a visit to the salon, than I choose POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! It’s not cool to be racist, it’s not cool to be xenophobic and for all those religious folks out there, I must say, JESUS WOULDN’T APPROVE!

at the end of your

The one sentiment I feel takes a positive slant on Facebook!


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