Deadbeatmom Resolutions


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Another year passed, another opportunity to try and erase or at least contain the damage. Hysterically, I started drafting this blog at the end of 2008…so much for the resolution to become an Uber blogger! But hey, this is officially my 50th post–woot!! Anyway, here are my top 5 Resolutions (whose got time or energy for 10)?

  1. Spend more one-on-one time with the kiddies. Not only because they like the attention but also because my boys are so much more pleasant to handle independently! Throw them together and their a gang of farting, bum-revealing, nose picking thugs. Take them to a movie or bowling alley one-on-one and they transform into Colin Firth-like gentlemen! It also restores my faith in the notion that they will not spend their teens as the loser dads on 16 and Pregnant or in prison by the time they’re 20.
  2. Write more. Writing is a kind of like doing mental/emotional push ups for me. I feel more relaxed, more able to take on the world when I write for ME (i.e. blog) vs. for work.
  3. Do more real push-ups. I’m going to Japan with an extra 10-15 pounds on me.  Despite the fact that Japanese people are extremely polite, they’re horribly blunt about weight gain. Need to drop some pounds before we take off in March to avoid the audible “gasp” my in-laws will make when they see me roll off the plane. Oddly enough, my husband, whose normal path of exercise is from sofa to fridge, has “gone rogue” and is now regularly getting 50 mins of cardio a day on our Gazelle (yup, we bought one). Damn him for beating me to the fitness punch! I’m nothing if not competitive!
  4. Create a 5-year career plan. I’m lucky to like my job on most days, but my ADHD-like tendencies when it comes to work are leaving me feeling restless. I’ve been working in communications for nearly 15 years and it’s great. But it can also be all-consuming. I either need to find a way to live a more balanced life, or quit my job and open a slow coffee shop where I can read the paper and do crosswords.
  5. Do some couple stuff. Now that we’re finally getting out of the Guantanamo sleep-deprivation phase of parenting, it might be time for my hubby and I to get out alone more than once a year. Any volunteer babysitters dying to look after my brood of farting, bum-revealing, nose-picking thugs? 🙂

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