Boys and books…

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“Why won’t they read Anne of Green Gables?”

It’s family literacy day today. And while I must confess my kids have too much screen time in general, the older boys have finally gotten into the groove of reading chapter books. I was an insatiable reader from a young age (though these days books are more like Nyquil to me) so I was a little worried when they didn’t want to pick up Anne of Green Gables (go figure–stupid boys). Fortunately I’ve found some alternatives…some that still bore me to tears (but the boys love) and some that I would read with my own friends, glass of wine in hand…

Picture books:

    • The Day the Crayons Quit–hysterical, whimsical and a great read for any future union representatives! Also great monologues for any former actors (like myself) or community theatre wannabies…this was the best version I could find..but it’s only a sneak peak of what Orange Crayon’s complaints are…
    • Monsters Eat Whiny Children–so wonderfully subversive! I was a little worried that my son’s teacher would burn the book on the spot, but apparently she appreciated the moral of the story (i.e. whiny children are more likely to be kidnapped by monsters and then served as the main course). A cautionary tale for whiny kids everywhere which I believe is based on a true story. More importantly the kids loved it! That said, it did make it onto the top “Inappropriate Kids Books that Actually exist” so I may be getting a call from the police soon (thankfully there were some defenders of the title on Youtube). Just learned the author was a writer for Six Feet Under so it may explain why I love it so much (and why the police are coming to get me…)
    • Press Here–The only book capable of being as addictive as a tablet. Graphics are literally coloured dots, but it’s such a cool concept kids at any age love it!
    • The Incredible BookEating Boy–in fact ANYTHING by Oliver Jeffers works for me.

Chapter book (their first real series…):

      • Elementia Chronicles (Sean Fay Wolfe)–So this is literally the first chapter book my 9 year old read without prodding. In fact, he gobbled up 450 pages in about 2 1/2 weeks and is now halfway through book 2. These books are really for Minecraft freaks (of which my son is one), but I have to say, considering the author wrote the book when he was 16, it’s not half bad! Do I blank out during portions when I’m reading to my 7-year-old? Yah, okay I do, but there is decent vocab in here and an actual well-thought out story.

2 thoughts on “Boys and books…

  1. What….. no “go the F*%& to sleep”???? A book that both delights and horrifies me, but mostly delights me because as I explained to my fully horrified husband… it’s just saying what we’re all THINKING. 🙂

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    • I’ve never heard of it but now must seek it out! Indeed it is what we’re all thinking. Had to become that much more cautious about dropping f-bombs when my then 2-year-old sighed and mumbled “f*%k” under his breath just like his momma! Yikes…

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