About and Blog Policy

deadbeatmom's boys

Future deadbeat boy band!

deadbeatmom lives in Toronto, Canada with her deadbeathusband, deadbeat cat and deadbeat boys aged 9, 7 and 3. Her dream is to wake up to a spotless house well-rested.

My “Strict” Code of Conduct:

Please do not take every word I say seriously. I welcome feedback, but don’t bother saying my blog “is not informative,” (a comment once made by a fellow blogger).  If I was trying to provide scientific facts, I wouldn’t name my blog “deadbeat mom.”

Keep it civil and courteous, smart and sassy please!

All material in this blog, unless otherwise attributed, is copyright of me, deadbeatmom. If you copy my work, please attribute and link back to my site. If you copy without attribution (interns be warned, I’ve fired a few of you for doing this), I will find you and make you babysit for me!


2 thoughts on “About and Blog Policy

  1. well, it has come to this….. we have a baby and it all falls to stink doesnt it? looking forward to more..

    in all honesty do moms breastfeed till the age of 15 for any other reason than to burn those precious 500 calories so they can justify the 1500 extra calories they ingest daily? Lets be real- its the only reason I have actually contemplated it..except for the fact the two sorry sisters would be hanging around my knees.


  2. From one deadbeat mom to another….great site! I can totally relate! My baby’s had frostbite, been dropped from the jolly jumper, and most recently was toted around with a stranger in a restaurant while my husband and i thoroughly enjoyed our Chinese food sans babe. (Okay, she was the waitress…but my husband and i didn’t even know her name at that point!)
    Would somebody call child’s services for god’s sake!


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